Seeking to Speak with the Churches or Tralda and Rolbor

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Seeking to Speak with the Churches or Tralda and Rolbor

Post by Exodahn_Pyr3 »

Hello there folks!

I have II questions simply:

I) Do you have a church Blacksmith?
II) Would you like one?

I’ll be in touch further to discuss the finer terms o’course!

High regards,
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Re: Seeking to Speak with the Churches or Tralda and Rolbor

Post by dirty frank »

I don’t speak for the church of Rolbor as I am only a kindred but I don’t believe there is a ‘church smith’. However there are blacksmiths within the church.

I have in the past argued against the need to name a church smith (again this is not my decision to make) and am happy to explain why if you are interested.

We are currently without a primate so a guess official matters fall to our defender of faith.


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Re: Seeking to Speak with the Churches or Tralda and Rolbor

Post by jordandavies940 »

The church of Rolbor Doesn't believe in appointing only one person to a job. Rolbor believes that trade should thrive and for all to prosper. So the church doesn't have a specific designated sales person. I understand knightly orders tend to try and employ folk like this, there are a few Knights of the Boar adventuring as of late, maybe a meeting between yourself and their delegates could help.

May Rolbors wisdom guide you.

Kind regards

Gwynfryn Sailbearer
Many thanks

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