Loss of a Great Figure in the church of the Patient Lord

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Loss of a Great Figure in the church of the Patient Lord

Post by Sharon_H-F »

For those unaware, Defender of the Faith of Kharach, Mother Millitant, The Implaccable went to her Lord’s Service last weekend.

When I charged a shieldwall made of skeletons, she followed in my wake, but neither of us knew of the strong magic casting undead behind the wall. Nor the big knobber doing some corruption of a Rolborian Relic further into the dark woods. Nor did we know we were at an Anchor.

The whole situation was fucked and one of the pillars of the adventuring community and staunch opponent of the Anchors, the Things behind them and Morotis, has fallen in battle. I died beside her, I fear I got her killed.

I have vague memories of her voice being sassy to the Undeaduns telling her to be quiet and making her writhe in pain, even if it was only a dream, it was classic Her.

I’m really going to miss her very much and would ask people share their memories of the most terrifying (to our enemies, never to me) Kharachian I have ever had the privilege to fight alongside.

Her Soul was laid to rest with one of her own scrolls (she was always prepared and of course went out on her own terms) and I am sure she is already on the Front lines in Elysium kicking ass and praising Kharach.

Go get ‘em hun, they don’t yet know who they are fucking with; you better tell ‘em.
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Re: Loss of a Great Figure in the church of the Patient Lord

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If you would like help in this time, even just someone to listen, I am more than happy to

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Re: Loss of a Great Figure in the church of the Patient Lord

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Without the Mother Militant the world will be a harder place.
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Re: Loss of a Great Figure in the church of the Patient Lord

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She was dedicated to her lord and her cause. A great loss is felt within the church however kharachs halls have gained a champion.

May she rest well

Kind regards

Gwynfryn Sailbearer
Many thanks

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