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Re: Questions for CC Candidates

Post by Beki » 16 Jul 2018, 14:16

ShaunL wrote:
02 Jul 2018, 06:35
Does your plot still work without Deus Ex machina if the players totally screw up, especially at Summerfest, and the "bad guys" win?
Firstly apologies, I'd completely forgot that there was a CC questions thread on the boards as well as Facebook :lol:

Yes, in fact it could even work better if the players happen to 'lose' the first Summerfest ;) I also don't plan on any Deus Ex Machina endings!

evilgary wrote:
07 Jul 2018, 14:32
While somehow avoiding spoilers, can you give an idea how your plot would differ from previous national plots? How different would your antagonists be, and how much would that difference address the (inevitable) perception of specific schools, churches or guilds "hoarding" plot.

(Damn that was hard to write in a way that didn't sound critical of people like myself, or like I was demanding to know plans for plot before it happens, so good luck in devising an answer!) :-)
The plan that I have does not specifically involve Undead, Dark Gods, Gods vs Demons or Civil war/Politics plot or anything remotely similar to any CC plot within the last 10+ years. It will hopefully be an entirely new enemy for the Heroes of Ithron to fight!

The general idea is quite simple and very easy for players of all races, classes and religions to get involved. There should not be too much "hoarding" of any plot as there should be very little that could be construed as "Guild/Church/School Secrets" (although as we all know, you can still never account for what players do/don't do with information!) :D
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