Questions for Secretary Candidates

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Questions for Secretary Candidates

Post by Secretary » 01 Jul 2018, 02:05

Please use this thread to ask the candidates for the position of Secretary any questions you may have.
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Re: Questions for Secretary Candidates

Post by Penny » 01 Jul 2018, 20:12

Question for Zach: The secretary role has a reputation of being a thankless task (thanks Tim by the way!) that it is often hard to find any volunteers to do, except this time there is competition between two people who I want to vote for both of. Are you keen to be secretary or are you relieved you have competition and hope she will win?

Question for Josie: Zach mentioned GDPR which is probably quite important to know about at the moment, how much do you know about it and how it applies to the society?
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Re: Questions for Secretary Candidates

Post by JWarne » 01 Jul 2018, 23:34

In my current job I don't deal as much with sensitive information like that - we provide the phones to the engineers and at my level the only information we get about the engineers bar their name is the first part of their postcode so we can allocate jobs. Data Protection isn't a massive thing at me level in the company, but it definitely is higher up.

However, my previous job was working for a financial company so I had much much more culpability - I had to take care of the information and ensure I never gave anything out unless the person was named to speak.

Being as FnH now has branches in Spain, I love that we're all working under the same regulations. It'll be nice to learn a little more about it from the other side - I've not had to do much of it in my current job!!!
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Re: Questions for Secretary Candidates

Post by Ulfarr » 02 Jul 2018, 08:46

Hi Penny!

I don't think it's entirely thankless as it's giving something back to a group which has helped me in lots of ways over the last couple of years. I'm certainly keen to help out where I can and I'm not really bothered by some more admin (my job is pretty much all admin when you get down to it.)

However Josie is a wonderful person all round and I'd be very happy if she won. :)

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