Contacting the CC...

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Contacting the CC...

Post by Steve M » 27 Aug 2018, 20:17

A few rules... :)

1) Special character requests go through your LO.

2) Plot research goes through your LO.

3) Anyone playing an Axirian character who wants plot research about the minor incident in Axir can contact me directly STARTING NEXT MONDAY. Please check your LO is ok with this, and email only please. This also extends to Nicola and Steve K as they already know.

4) Anyone wanting to be a Nighthawk should contact me directly by email, and tell no-one else they did it. Also starts next Monday.

5) I will be declaring open season every Wednesday evening for folk to contact me via Facebook to ask questions. This is from 7 until 10, and I'm not guaranteeing I won't get distracted by video games. I will not pass anything, make any firm commitments, or discuss illegal guilds that way, email for all those. This is for people who want an informal chat about a planned special character, or to go over a plot idea you want to pursue. I will not discuss PoP appointments, or who's up next. Again, formal decisions go through formal channels, this is purely an informal arrangement. People who abuse it will be blocked. Please inform your LO and if your LO is not happy with you contacting me directly, you don't do it.

6) Primates and Guildmasters should feel free to email me directly about church/guild business.

7) If in any doubt, go through your LO.

The first LO pack will be with all LOs tomorrow night.
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Re: Contacting the CC...

Post by The_CC » 03 Sep 2018, 11:17

New email address for the CC is
I will be clearing the email backlog tonight for those of you eager to dive all over the Chief Justice for some unknown reason...

First open season is this Wednesday (the 5th) for those of you who just have to discuss their bizarre new special character idea.
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