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Scouts and Mercs Review: A quick Update

Posted: 16 Mar 2019, 00:31
by SR Guilds
Its a dark time for the rebellion...

No wait, thats something else...

Lets start again!

Scouts review: Playtest finished a few months ago. The vote document is currently with the RC undergoing the final changes. It should be out for a vote soon, hopefully Sunday (At least 4 of the RC are playing in the woods tomorrow, so its unlikely to be then).

Mercs Review: First draft is being finished up, to go to the RC this weekend for initial views/changes. Have had a load more suggestions sent in this afternoon, which are being looked at and added/amended/rejected to the draft. Am hoping to get back in tomorrow evening, and do a couple more hours on it before bed. Am realistically hoping that the playtest version can be released to LOs and Referees early next week.

SR Guilds