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Merc Review/Scout (and other stuff e-vote) update

Posted: 20 Mar 2019, 09:45
by SR Guilds
Scout stuff is with RC for final changes. I am putting together an e-vote pack in the next few days, ideally to submit by the weekend (Ill kids of RC members/ill RC members not withstanding).

Merc Review/Playtest:
I am three days behind where I wanted to be with this (see Ill kids/ill RC members).

While I dont want to sound like the back of a D&D Product, the current draft has:

* 14 new skill suggestions
* 5 Changes to existing skills
* Increased Militia Pay for careers Mercs (and Scouts)
* New: Company Skills
* New: Weapon Mastery (advanced skill)

This may all change when it gets to the RC to check my sanity.


Re: Merc Review/Scout (and other stuff e-vote) update

Posted: 21 Mar 2019, 22:04
by SR Guilds
Mercenary Playtest 2019 is now LIVE.

It is with your LO's as of now.

It contains:

- 17 new skills
- 3 revised skills
- Mercenary Company Skills
- Weapon Mastery Skills.
- Increased militia pay for Mercs and Scouts

SR Guilds