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24 Hour Time-in Special

Posted: 22 May 2019, 16:35
by Collin Fletcher
Hello all,

As promised here are the details for the 24-hour special.

The Plot:
There has been a surge of necromantic energy emanating from The Deepwoods - an immense and largely uncharted forest that stretches between Fernham and the southern coast. You are being hired by the Church of Longstor to investigate this occurrence, to deal with the source of this energy and to ensure no harm is being done to the woods.

The Event:
This is intended to be an intensive, small scale event and as such we will be capping player numbers at 30. If player spaces are unavailable then please consider crewing the event (details below).

The event will run from Friday 5th July till Sunday 7th July 2019.

Arrival on site from 16:00 on Friday.

Time-in Friday evening at 18:00 for cheese & wine, social, a little plot and maybe a hiring if you’re lucky. Soft time-out as/when people go to bed.

Time in on Saturday is at 11:30 and will go through to around midday on the Sunday.

Departure from site by 20:00 on the Sunday allowing you to get a few hours’ sleep, if desired, before striking camp and leaving.

Friday night camping will be OC in the OC area of the site. There is some indoor accommodation which will be available for the Friday night but this will be allocated to crew as a priority. Otherwise it’s OC tented camping or sleep in your car!

If you wish to bring IC camping equipment to set up in the main IC camp you are more than welcome but please contact us beforehand to ensure there is sufficient space.

Saturday night camping will be done IC but will be done out of sight of the main play areas so there is no requirement for IC sleeping or camping gear. We will be providing the ABSOLUTE BASICS - a waterproof tarp to sleep under and some roll-mats so you will not NEED to bring something to sleep under but you are welcome to should you wish.

I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH that attendants should not expect a luxury sleeping experience. You are camping IC next to an IC camp where there WILL be combat through the night. If you feel you cannot physically or emotionally cope with only a few hours of disturbed/interrupted sleep on hard ground in noisy and potentially cold conditions then you need to seriously consider whether this is event is something you would enjoy and therefore attend. You should bring a sleeping bag and are more than welcome to bring your own camp bed, roll mat(s) to increase your comfort level.

The Venue:
This event will be held at Ufton Court - A historical education centre 10 minutes from junction 12 of the M4 (Green lane, RG7 4HD).

This site has an amazing woodland and multiple historic settlements/resources that will help foster an immersive and unique experience from our event.

Player tickets will be £35 - This includes your weekend entry for this small-scale, play-only event and cheese & wine on the Friday night.

Meal tickets are available for an additional £15, this covers:
OC Hot Breakfast Saturday morning
IC lunch on Saturday
IC BBQ dinner on Saturday evening
IC Hot breakfast on Sunday morning

If you can make/maintain it, then fire will be available for you to cook anything else you desire.

It is free to crew this event and all crew will be given indoor sleeping accommodation, unlimited tea and coffee and will be offered a meal ticket at a reduced rate (£5).

There will be high expectations for endurance and resilience from the crew for obvious reasons. We will take steps to ensure the welfare of the crew, but this will be a team effort and we will be relying on the crew to be aware of their own limitations, keep the organisers informed and act accordingly.

As crew you will have an opportunity to socialise IC on the Friday evening as your character should you wish, but aside from that you will be dedicated monster crew.

Should they want it, all individuals who crew this event will be given priority on player spaces at the next special we run (providing this one doesn’t go down in flames).

The Team:
Luke Dunford
Jack Leaper
Eliott Sinclair
Catering by ‘Will & Clo the confounding cheerful cooking couple’

In the interests of transparency I am an employee of Ufton Court Educational Trust, whose venue we will be hiring for our event. We are a children's charity who work with disadvantaged children from around Reading, Slough and London. I do not receive any commission, nor do I directly benefit from the monies paid to the charity to hire the site, however hundreds of children will.

Payment details:

PayPal to

PM be for bank transfer details

Form below

See you in the woods.

Re: 24 Hour Time-in Special

Posted: 22 May 2019, 16:35
by Collin Fletcher