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Secretary Elections 2019

Posted: 01 Jun 2019, 17:28
by Secretary
Hi Folks,

The nomination phase is now open for the position of Secretary, closing on 30th June 2019 at 6.00 PM.

I've attached the nomination form and relevant bits from the constitution.

If there is a specific reason why someone cannot email the form, ask them to contact me directly to arrange a postal submission.



Re: Secretary Elections 2019

Posted: 01 Jul 2019, 14:02
by Webcoordinator
The ELECTION phase for Secretary 2019 is now open. This is done by way of a Google Form at the following link;

As always, if there is a specific reason why you are unable to use the form, speak with your LO and we can sort out an alternative vote.

Elections will close on midnight 31/07/2019 and the result will be announced shortly thereafter.

Candidates standing:
  • Josephine Warne
  • RON (Re-open Nominations)
Please see the attached manifestos.