Half skeleton mask?

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Half skeleton mask?

Post by Colfer »


Been thinking about getting into using an effect that turns me into a skeleton (Tempoary through potion, soulfire etc.. But need something that makes it obvious I'm under the effect but doesn't cover my eyes (Dependent on glasses) or presses too hard on my ears (Due to hearing aids)

I thought maybe a skull design on mouth covering or something?

You lot are creative so thought to seek inspiration/ideas.

Thank you

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Re: Half skeleton mask?

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You could always face paint on a skull with some black and white, however this would be pretty time consuming to do every session
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Re: Half skeleton mask?

Post by JWarne »

The person to talk to is Tristan McSkelly. I'm sure Tristan can come up with a mask that won't press too heavily on the eyes or ears.

Look up The Monsters' Menagerie on facebook, or contact Tristan on facebook. I'm sure he'll be able to guide you further.
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Re: Half skeleton mask?

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"half skull mask airsoft" is the google search you want


"half skull gaiter"
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