Stone Armour

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Stone Armour

Post by King Katanova » 06 Feb 2019, 22:53

This is a question regarding a future character design i'm taking inspiration off and was wondering if this type of armour would come under in f&h as a rule? heres an image of the armour in question i'm taking the inspiration off. Image (and yes, those who know League of Legends, that is yorick), this character has specifcally stone slabs as armour pieces he addorns on his body as a sign of his pennace over his faith, but out of curiosity how would this work for a f&h character's armour.
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Re: Stone Armour

Post by Palthera » 07 Feb 2019, 01:52

Two ways to do it really. Either ask for a special thing via your LO and pay lots of IC cash for it (plus finding a Smith to make it)


Pay for it as normal metal plate armour that just happens to look like stone.

I had a gold armour plastic breastplate many years ago and IC I always just claimed it was gilded and was normal steel underneath.
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