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Monster kit

Post by Andvari » 08 Jun 2019, 23:17

So, only been in FnH for a couple of months and want to get my monster kit a bit better. What kinds of things would you consider essential for when you are monstering?

Also - we appear to be playing heretics/followers of the dark gods quite a bit. What symbols do each of the dark gods use? I understand Abraxians use a double-headed axe, but what about the others?

Thanks :)
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Re: Monster kit

Post by Colfer » 08 Jun 2019, 23:58


Loving the enthusiasm :D If you are just starting with your kit, think of multi purpose stuff to start. Brown shirts or any colour you don't mind rolling around in, leather trousers, simple leather armour. Gloves (VERY useful) as time goes on you will add to your monster kit. Ref's should have said holy symbols of the Dark Gods so try not to worry just now about having them all.

Monster kit should be treated in some ways like your players kit. Thermals when cold, light fabric when hot. Sturdy, and can protect you from the elements.

My personal favourite monster kit piece is my robe. Helps keep me dry, I can sit on it, roll around in it etc.. While it is tempting to go all out, be kind to your wallet/purse/pouch/professional money holder ;)
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Re: Monster kit

Post by AshWilcox » 09 Jun 2019, 07:27

Basically what Mark says.

Simple is key for monster kit. Hoods are handy as you can cover you head when wearing a mask. Basic leather armour is good for most monstering missions. As time goes on you'll find you accrue more larp kit (I personally use old character kit for a lot of my monster kit) if refs need specific stuff we will usually bring it along to the mission.

Hope this helps.
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