40k armies to shift

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40k armies to shift

Post by TimC » 30 Jun 2018, 21:18

I'm looking to move two armies, Primaris Space Marines and Thousand Sons. I'd rather sell them as whole, but happy to discuss parts

Space Marines: £120 ono
Roboutte Guiliman
5 Primaris Intercessors
10 Primaris Hellblasters
3 Primaris Inceptors
Primaris Chaplain
Primaris Librarian
Primaris Ancient
2x Primaris Lieutenants
Primaris Redepmtor Dreadnaught
Primaris Repulsor

Thousand Sons: £100 ono
Magnus the Red
2 Exalted Sorcerers on Foot
Exalted Sorcerer on Disk
20 Tzaangor
10 Rubric Marines
10 Pink Horrors
10 Blue Horrors
10 Brimstone Horrors
Sir Lucius Valerius, Baronet Bogwater
Master Demonologist
Freeman of Spindlestone
Hero of Aquae Sulis

'You're welcome'

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