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Re: Permits

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Just a question: if alchemists, blacksmiths, phisicians etc can only use weapons which don't require a permit... why do they need a permit??? Just in order to state they are members of their guilds?

Guard A: Hey B, you see the guy in fancy robes with arcane signs, who is muttering a spell and telling his friends he is a mage?
Guard B: Yes
Guard A: Can you please go ask his him his mage permit?
Guard B: Of course pal!

(Three minutes later B comes back turned into a frog)

Guard B: RIBBIT!!!
Guard A: I'll take it as a "yes"

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Re: Permits

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There are certainly things you can only legally do if a member of the relevant guild,the permit shows you are.

What the extra bureaucracy and paperwork adds to a game of heroic fantasy, on the other hand...

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