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The Nighthawks

Posted: 12 Jan 2019, 11:16
by Webcoordinator
There's a thing we're not supposed to talk about, and if you want to do the thing we don't talk about, you have to ask someone you're not supposed to talk to directly about the thing you know nothing about.

In the interests of adding a little clarity, these are the guidelines to playing a Nighthawk. If after reading them you decide you are interested, please contact The Campaign Coordinator (The CC) directly. You should tell NO-ONE if you apply, regardless of whether or not you are accepted.

Your LO and refs have these guidelines for their reference, but you should not ask them about this at all. You only talk to The CC. The actual rules for playing Nighthawks are not in the Ref's Guide, nor are they with LOs or refs. You will be sent a copy if you are accepted into the guild.

The guidelines make this very clear, but just to reiterate, playing a Nighthawk can put your character at significant extra risk. If you're attached to your character, this maybe isn't for you.

If you are going to comment on this post, can I suggest that before you click send you re-read what you're about to say openly and consider if it's wise.

Re: The Nighthawks

Posted: 12 Jan 2019, 11:17
by Webcoordinator
Reproduced here after checking with Steve Morley, the current CC.