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Research Forms

Post by Alex Lindley » 02 May 2017, 23:13

Were having a trial run using research forms to bring a bit of structure and consistency to branch research requests, also to give those who haven't done it before an idea of the kind of thing were looking for. The aim is to get more people actively looking into local problems and missions so you can scratch the surface of the wonderful backstory we have totally written for Norholme and its people...

It's pretty simple and straight forward (I hope), just follow the instructions on what to write where on the form. To give you an idea I've written a couple of brief example requests written below.
Hull Branch - Research Form (Example 1).docx
Hull Branch - Research Form (Example 2).docx

So the idea is you fill in all the boxes but NOT the Referee Feedback section, send it off to the relevant Ref or the LO Account and then it'll be sent back to you with the Referee Feedback filled in. There's no limit to how many research request you can send each month, so just use common sense and don't send like 10 in one month... Any problems or questions let us know, likewise if anyone has any suggestions of how they could be done better.

Research Form
Hull Branch - Research Form.docx
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