Question for the Secretary Candidates

A place for all members of the society to ask their questions to the candidates standing for our society positions.
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Elias Blackrock
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Question for the Secretary Candidates

Post by Elias Blackrock »

Hello both,

My question is with regards resiliance.
This year and some of the issues faced have been very challenging for many people. Could i ask how you deal with challenging circumstances or have built resiliance to them.?
My reason for asking this is I do not feel (and Josie has agreed on another thread) that it should take 8 months for minutes to be completed (even under challenging circumstances) and would like to know what systems and support you'll have in place to help you with the role?
I only feel it fair to ask this to both of you.

Best Regards

Alasdair Roache
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Re: Question for the Secretary Candidates

Post by JWarne »

Hi Alasdair,

Thank you for your question.

I have a very good support structure already in place, the current Treasurer and President have been massively supporting and I also know if I need help that I can also speak to the SRs and incoming CC.

The issue was that I was too proud to take one of the many offers of help from both Elle or Penny. That is what I'll be working on and what I need to realise. I have help if I just accept it, which if anything should prove to be as much of a problem as the minutes were, I will accept help.

Thank you

Primate Piety of Sidhe
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Re: Question for the Secretary Candidates

Post by 063whii »

Hi Alisdair,

The way I tend to deal with challenges that rear their head every so often is by hitting crunch time between periods of more laid back working

Secretary has some very busy parts of the calender; some are scheduled, like exec meetings, some are not. When there's a project or an extended task that needs doing, or a secretarial crisis to manage, then it's all brain on deck to sort it. I then take it a little bit easy for a few days, or however long I get before the next issue, and I'm good to go again.

As to systems of support, I don't feel I have anything especially unique; I have a loving partner, a stable lifestyle and a love of both the game and society of FnH; with all its ups and downs. I'm also pretty used to working in a small team, so if I've an issue that's dragging me down, I know when it becomes a good idea to see who else is free to help take some of the load.

Thanks for the question; let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know.

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