Secretary question.

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Secretary question.

Post by mrmij »

As the person who passes the information on regards almost anything. How can you insure that you remain impartial when sending information to the society?


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Re: Secretary question.

Post by 063whii »

Hi Adam,

It's a broad question; but I think the important think to look for in combating personal biases when distributing information is transparency. If there's not a reason it needs to be kept under wraps, or redacted, or not sent out for any other reason, then more information in the hands of LOs and members leads them to being more informed; which is a good thing. From time to time, there will be projects or procedures that need to be hidden from members or certain groups (the Bethesda collaboration in the pipeline being the first example that springs to mind); these need extra scrutiny internally to ensure that that secrecy really is in the interest of the members and that it's not going to have an undue influence on our democratic workings. The same applies to if a member requests information that's not been published; if there's not a reason to keep it secret, then it's worth releasing.

Essentially; the best way of reducing bias coming from the secretary's office is, in my view, to keep as much information in the hands of the members as possible; and make it as clear as I can when there's information I can't distribute. Communicating clearly, regularly, accurately and precisely will also further this.

Ultimately, the position is to serve the society as a whole, a goal which I am confident is worthy enough to overcome my personal biases.

Thanks for the question; please let me know if there's anything 've not covered!

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Re: Secretary question.

Post by JWarne »

Hi Adam,

Impartiality is not easy. In fact, I'd say it's one of the hardest parts of the job.

You have to send the emails and make the Facebook posts, all while not having an opinion on what you're sending out.

It's difficult. I try to be impartial in everything I do, and sometimes that means distancing yourself from people you care about or simply writing that angry draft email and then not sending it, or rewriting it when you're calmer.

As in most things, I may not have always been perfect in this, because I'm human, but it's something I always strive to do and something anyone can learn to be better at.

Thank you!

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