Question for Webco (July21)

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Question for Webco (July21)

Post by Chrissie »

This is mainly a question for Ash.
Your manifesto mentions that you work for the military.
As I understand, the webco often needs to respond to issues and queries which are often time critical. Is regular internet access whilst serving something that you have access to, or will you be implementing other measures to insure the smooth running of the webco responsibility?

A question for both
The last 24 months has shown that there is alot of pressure upon elected positions and everything will be analysed by the wider community.
Could you give an example of a time you have dealt with similar pressures on the past?

Thanks both for standing
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Re: Question for Webco (July21)

Post by AshWilcox »

Hi Chrissie, Good Questions!

To answer your first, I have found myself in a position where I will not be required to deploy anywhere without ready availability to the internet for the duration of my first term if I were voted in and following that if I were to be re elected I would put measures in place through delegation to ensure that areas remain fully administrated during any lack of internet on my part.

For your second question. I deal with those kind of pressures pretty consistantly working in military aviation where everything is subject to auditing and scrutiny from keeping my flying/controlling log up to date to filling out and commenting on occurence reports when things dont quite go as they should I have also assisted in investigations that are raised when an incident occurs.

Hope this helps :)

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Re: Question for Webco (July21)

Post by Reaver91 »

Hi Chrissie, thanks for your question.

Pressure comes with my job, being the manager of a small store.
I have targets to hit, stock levels to keep in check, and also a small crew of staff and rotas to sort.

That all requires a degree of level headedness, and seeing issues from a neutral perspective, such as when staff members have various issues with each other.

Meetings with staff are documented, and I have to answer to my bosses if they have queries.

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