Leeds fest link with dates.

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Leeds fest link with dates.

Post by Mike P BL8 » 17 Feb 2019, 16:18

Roll up roll up it's LEEDS INVITE time.

Link to form: https://goo.gl/forms/dEIcbeUjiW6d1U9I2

Date: Friday 24th-Monday 27th May 2019

Location: Giants Seat Scout Camp
Off Ringley Road West, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 1DY


IC Information

Earl Crispin wishes to invite a group of adventurers to help him continue with his project of rebuilding Old Kirk Leigh, culminating in a tournament and banquet to celebrate the progress made so far.

The tournament will consist of the following activities, plus Sunday afternoon combat games and Grand melee:

-Tree of courage (a dangerous gamble)
-Archery competition
-Bandaging bravado
-Games of chance
-Debating competition
-Subdual weapon combat

Further to paying for successful progress on his project, the Earl will also offer 2 crowns per entry for the following competitions (entries are limited to one entry per competition, per attendee):

-Most interesting thing in a jar
-Best banner (to be displayed in the hall on arrival)
-Tastiest sweet item
-Tastiest savoury item
-Best hand crafted item


OOC Information

COST: £50 per person (includes tea/coffee/squash throughout the event and Sunday night banquet)

FEED ME: A feed me ticket is available for £15 (included Friday: tea, Saturday: breakfast/lunch/tea, Sunday: breakfast/lunch)

PAYMENT: Please pay the Leeds Paypal Account: fnhleeds@gmail.com
Places will only be confirmed once payment has been received. Please mark your payment clearly with your name and ensure you are using the send money to friends option.

You can arrive on site from 4pm on Friday.

Bunk rooms are available but are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

There will be 6 mini missions running alongside 6 tournament activities - the plan is to play 2 missions, monster 2 missions and participate in (or watch!) 2 tournament activities. There will be a large combat tourney on Sunday afternoon. You will be asked to rank your preference of tournament activity below.


7pm: Tea
8pm: Time in
Mission 1 / Tournament activity 1

8am: Breakfast
10am: Mission 2 / Tournament activity 2
12pm: Lunch
1:30pm: Mission 3 / Tournament activity 3
4pm: Mission 4 / Tournament activity 4
6:30pm: Tea
7:30pm: Mission 5 / Tournament activity 5

8am: Breakfast
10am: Mission 6 / Tournament activity 6
12pm: Lunch
1pm: Combat Tourney
7pm: Banquet
9pm: Prize giving

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