Sintel Fest 26-28th July

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Sintel Fest 26-28th July

Post by Seax Lindsen » 19 May 2019, 23:38

The Last weekend in July at The Giants seat campsite in Manchester (same venue as leeds fest)

The IC brief is known but will not be revealed until closer to the time (saying you are going on a boat to help foreigners with some issue or other is all most will need anyway)

In view of the speed of springfest selling out, I am opening applications for places, but it will not be 1st come 1st served, we will see where we are after the form has been live for 3 days, if we are over subscribed, places will go to those that were on the springfest waiting list but didn't get a place and then random lucky draw - however if people are concerned about getting a place and their ooc partner not getting one the draw will accommodate this, details will be announced ahead of any draw - however this event does clash with an empire event and I am confident we can accept all applications.

There is no method of payment indicated on the form this will be withheld until the level of interest is known and places assigned.

The form is now live however we have had some issues accessing it on mobile phones, webco is looking into this with our server provider as it is likely related to server usage - If people cant access the form within the 3 days they can email me at the president email and I will note their interest.
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