Reminder: Special (Balanced) Weapons.

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Reminder: Special (Balanced) Weapons.

Post by SR Guilds » 07 May 2019, 09:47

If you have a crafted weapon (double weapons, special material weapons, triple weapons, quad weapons of doom etc) it should have a brown ribbon.

If its not already written on the lammie (because it was crafted/issued pre-September 2018) it will need the name of the person it has been weighted for writing on by their LO/Refs.

This went out last year, but it seems that for whatever reason not everyone had it passed on. Rather than me getting all mardybum and start cutting up lammies that are being passed around, please use this opportunity to get the balanced/fitted owners name on them, so I don't have to.

Any questions on anything, including "does my X need to be weighted" please get sent by your LO to me.

Yes, Steel Shields, double/triple/quad weapons are now balanced for an individual character.

Yes, that does mean that if that is the only enchant, only the balanced user can use it. (Enchanted standard weapons however, can be picked up as normal)

No, you cant get them rebalanced- The main reason for this, is to ensure that these lammied special weapons leave the system once that character goes, rather than be passed around for five years until someone loses the lammie in the wash.
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