Chick Leathers discount

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Chick Leathers discount

Post by F'aalkir »

As per my post on my facebook, Fnh members have a permanent discount on my website.

Just use the code FnH20 at the checkout to get the discount.
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Re: Chick Leathers discount

Post by Norton »

Anyone heard anything from this chap ? Ordered and paid for something in may and still not received it ?? Had a reply to a few emails but now it’s radio silence

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Re: Chick Leathers discount

Post by Reaver91 »

I've winged him a Facebook message for you. Hopefully it's not intentional, simply a slip of memory.
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Re: Chick Leathers discount

Post by Richard_W »

Sean has had a lot of health issues recently that have affected his ability to make products. Coupled with him moving into new premises I'm sure it's an unintentional slip. He is definitely not trying to scam anyone.
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