About Us

Fools and Heroes is a non-profit organisation designated entirely to Live Action Role Play. We ran our first events in 1986 and we are still going strong today!

We have 21 branches, each having their own running dates. You can find everything you need to know about branches and dates by looking at the branches page.

We are a high-fantasy roleplay system, so if you’re looking for heroes, magic, Gods and monsters, you’re definitely in the right place!

The typical day is structured into two halves. A morning mission, and an afternoon mission, with a  lunch interval in-between. Both missions last roughly two to three hours each but some missions can go on for longer. When seasons change to give us more light, day events can last much longer than in winter. We will split into two groups of roughly half; a player party and a monstering party. One person from each side will be running/refereeing the mission, and another referee will take over to run the second half.

We pride ourselves on being a fun, friendly and welcoming society. We are especially good to those new to LARP, having won awards in the Grassroots category for several years at LARP Con. If you enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, online MMO’s like World of Warcraft, or really just want to get outside, run around and have fun with some swords and shields, you are more than welcome to come and play.

Your first two adventures are free. The rest will require a small yearly membership fee of £20. This is to just to make sure you and the society are insured should any accidents happen, as well as to support your local branch and the society as a whole. You also need to be 18 or over to play, however, we do accept 16+ if a senior member in the branch you attend will sponsor you.

The Fools and Heroes society has been the winner of the following LARP Awards:

2019Club System Award – Fools & Heroes

2018Club System Award – Fools & Heroes

2016Grassroots Award – Fools & Heroes

2015Grassroots Award – Fools & Heroes

2014: Best NPC Award – “The Hart”, Hayley Rose Murray @ Fools & Heroes, Springfest

2013:  Grassroots Award- Fools & Heroes

2012Grassroots Award – Fools & Heroes

2011Grassroots Award –  Fools & Heroes