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High Mother Niamh Halliwell

High Mother Niamh Halliwell

Father Garland

The Lord opened his sanctuary to me in 707. I had been given the three keys and when that door opened in front of me I had never been so astounded. That the Lord had been so generous as to open up this library of such knowledge to me, I could have stayed forever. I learnt such wonders that night. My Lord truly blessed me.

I am old now and I give to you this key. Keep it safe. It is your token to a greater place, a greater fountain of knowledge than any in this realm.

The other keys have been sent to other worthy scholars. Pass yours to an honest heir. Let them pass it on to their chosen heir in turn.

Reunite the three when next the call comes.

May Rolbor bless you and yours.

High Mother Niamh Halliwell

Religion Rolbor



Every day we inevitably face them. They may be small and easily surmountable, like getting a loaf down from the highest shelf, to those that appear nigh on impossible to overcome. One of the greatest challenges we may face, however, is admitting and facing them in the first place.

I ask you all to consider, however, the teachings of Lord Rolbor in regard to knowledge and where, perhaps, the best source of it is often to be found. Is it where we have faced the mundane, the known and easily surmountable? Or the extraordinary, unknown and adverse? In our successes or failures? Through both, we gain an understanding of our limits but only through one the extent of them. Through both, we gain an understanding of strengths but only through one the true capacity of them.

What we face, of course, must always be considered wisely. Facing a challenge that is more reckless than worthwhile must not be faced solely for knowledge’s sake. If, however, wisdom does not weigh them as reckless then why not? We may overcome our fears, pride, laziness or so much more and stand to gain knowledge through our success or failure – superb!!

Where there is a challenge to be faced see not your fears and potential failings, but in the Light of Lord Rolbor the knowledge it may bring.

Where we have failed, dwell not in self-pity and regret of the past, but how we may use the knowledge gained from it to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

Praise be to Lord Rolbor!

Peni Baker,
Mother devoted, supplicant priestess of Lord Rolbor.

Religion Rolbor

A Vision of the God Mutilator

by Primate Molly Kingston-Simms

After 7 days and 7 nights of praying…
I awoke and found myself outside a huge hall that stretched onwards into the distance almost as far as the eye could see. Its huge golden arches surrounded a doorway that would allow the Titans themselves to enter, I pushed gently and the doors swung open with ease.

Ahead of me was a set of steps that rose to a platform that neared the roof and on that platform, I could see the edge of a mighty banqueting table. I could see food piled high upon the table and wine was flowing down the steps in a waterfall of shining liquid.

I began to ascend, knowing that my fate awaited me at the head of the table, my feet begin to feel tacky sticking in the red wine that flowed from the table. A thought crossed my mind, the Crystalis, perhaps Lord Rolbor would grant me with his most Holy boon. As I rose to the top of the platform a foul stench assaulted my senses, the food piled high was rotting, flies blew across it in such thick clouds that I could barely see the other side of the table. Suddenly my feeling of being at peace in the Halls of my Lord turned to anxiety as I knew this place was now truly unholy.

Figures sat in state at the far end of the table, a huge platter was sitting in front of the gargantuan form siting in state at its head. I passed a total of twelve figures all slumped, dead, their blood flowed from them as if every vein were tapped. At the tables head was a dark form and I knew the form of my own destruction, the dark form I knew to be the God Mutilator and the only way he could be here was if Lord Rolbor had abandoned his own halls.

I looked at the slumped figures once again, all were missing their right eyes and suddenly I began to recognise them, Madeline of Crowa, Fox of Tralda, the Defenders of every Faith including the dark gods.

The figure at the end of the table spoke, “WON’T YOU ACCEPT MY HOSPITALITY?” and lifted the lid from his platter, a roasted beast of some description sat atop of the silver platter, he broke off a leg and offered it to me, something fell from it and clattered to the floor and began to noisily clatter upon every step on its way down to the ground, it looked like the Crystalis and I realised this figure offered me part of my own Lord…

My right eye started welling up, I thought I was beginning to cry, but it was a red mist that began to fill my vision and pain began to shoot through my skull. I fell to my knees and looked up at another figure who now stood at the side of the Dark One, he wore purple and although I could not see him clearly I knew that he was a companion that once I trusted, in his hands he held a bowl.

The bowl was filled with eyes…the purple-clad figure asked, “My Lord, something to help you see more clearly?”

The figure waved his hand over the bowl, “LET ME SEE, THE EYES ARE THE WINDOWS OF THE SOUL, WHO PLANS MY DOWNFALL NOW?” and plucked an eye from the bowl. “NO I SHALL WAIT FOR MOLLYS…”

The pain became unbearable, I fell into unconsciousness looking at the figure of the betrayer, I knew him, I am sure of it.

I awoke in my chambers, shaking and afraid, and after a couple of days I prayed again for direction and I was simply answered… “The Mourning Prince comes and he can fulfill his wishes”

And then my Lord fell silent.

Religion Rolbor

A report upon the destruction of the “Band of Greed” in the year 635.

A report upon the destruction of the “Band of Greed” in the year 635.

By Sergeant Fletcher, mercenary and scribe.

The recent actions against the bandit group known as the Band of Greed has seen the destruction of several small, but heavily armed encampments to the East of the City of Brisel.

Over the past year, the forces in Brisel, led by the Defender of the Faith of Rolbor, have isolated and destroyed several more of these groups, although the main group remains with the Bandit leader, Silas Geld, in an old abandoned fort near the Whitespar Mountains.

However, on the 12th Thawing 635, a Holy Day of Rolbor – The First Milk – the Defender of the Faith gathered the faithful of Rolbor and the Seven, as well as mercenaries, physicians, knights and even mages. This small army split into three groups and advanced towards the stronghold of the Band of Greed.

Despite being harried by patrols and warbands of heretics, the Crusade of Rolbor, as some have called it, gained the initiative and stormed the stronghold. During the action, the Defender of the Faith met the Bandit Leader, Silas Geld, and a mighty duel did ensue.

The Defender was protected by his Faith in Lord Rolbor, who had shower gifts upon his follower, whereas the heretic Geld was wearing, and had drunk the fruits of his thieving and banditry. It was an even fight, and as the day drew on, neither gained the upper hand until several heretics attempted to interrupt the duel. Before they were stopped, they had cruelly cut out the leg from the Defender. Seizing his chance, Geld ran forward, only to be gutted upon the Defender’s blade.

With this, many of the heretics fought with an unholy fury, and where destroyed. Some were captured, tried and convicted. They burn as a warning to those who would go against the Seven.

With this victory, the Defender of the Faith received praise, not only from the rulers of Brisel, with monies and gold which he gave to the poor, but from Rolbor – a mighty shield with which to protect his flock.

And so ended the Plague of Greed, which had swarmed across the lands of Avonshire for over a year. Thus ends the report from one who was there.

Sergeant Fletcher, Mercenary and Scribe.

Religion Rolbor

A Perspective on the Day of the Communion

A Perspective on the Day of the Communion

It is hard to find suitable words to express this – none seem to hit the mark and doubtless ever will.

On the day before the Communion I was announced and anointed as our Paragon and from that moment I felt a difference, change. Free of perhaps some of the social inhibitions I had before – released from them and consequently had an increased eagerness to talk, to include and enjoy the company and celebrations around. That night I slept more peacefully than I ever have.

The day of the Communion – I cannot recall and truly describe the feelings and perspectives of that time but I will try my utmost. I felt as one, entirely infused with the essence and being of our Lord. I thought, perceived and spoke to those around in terms of ‘Peni Baker-Rolbor’ and ‘We’ as one.

‘We’ struggled almost to perceive mortal concerns. The passage of time and all around seemed so different. Every life before me seemed so fleeting and yet, at once, a force enduring. In hindsight the closest words I can find to describe such are: perceiving legacies. The knowledge, wisdom, example, impact we leave that continues to interact and effect others still. When they had been realised and used to the benefit of all. Where they had not and how such legacies maybe realised and bring benefit still. Our lives are so fleeting but our influence endures.

All and everybody around seemed so connected, potentially and actually, in more ways now than I can comprehend. Such connections, ‘lines of potential’, that run between us all. A profound sense of understanding what maybe achieved when such connections are formed and strengthened in concern of the next and all. The extent of the magnificent prosperity that maybe realised when we think not alone but as one in terms of these. When that potential had been realised, and not, and maybe realised still. The extent of this was wonderous indeed.

The events of the Communion itself I will not document here but when such passed I felt the presence of our Lord leave me – although a legacy of that time remains with me still it is but an echo , blessed indeed, compared to the magnitude of before. I have found myself unable to describe the feelings of the day in many ways, confusing many individuals indeed when I have tried. To look back at the words written above to offer my perspective on them now, however (please do contact me if at any point you have a question or wish to discuss any of this).

No individual stands alone. We all exist as a society, a community. Although the impact of our presence, decisions and actions are not always obvious to us they are present still. We live and exist so connected that in exclusion or disregard of the next, and our impact upon them, we are all affected. Selfish regard and focus, exclusion, serves not the prosperity of one or all.

Like a phenomenally complicated and interwoven net – sometimes the smallest snag, act of repair, pull, weakened or strengthened knot can have massive consequences. We each and all play an important part in achieving a truly bounteous catch that is there waiting to be realised. Every moment is an opportunity to realise this potential – not just immediately but as part of enduring legacy also. Every individual as part of the same.

Unity and inclusion
Diversity and acceptance
And much much more.

Praise be to Lord Rolbor!

For Faith,


Religion Rolbor

100 Year Sanctuary

100 Year Sanctuary

It was in the year 505 that the temple to Rolbor was burned by members of the cult of the new dawn. With the burning of the temple came the loss of the associated library and the hundreds of years of information stored within.

High Father Henry Turton swore that he would never allow such a tragedy to occur again. He prayed to Rolbor and found his way. Over the next year he toiled alongside many acolytes and built a sacred library. The following year he travelled the length and breadth of the country collecting new tales, documents and unformation to place within his new store.

The Lord Rolbor looked down upon such resolve and dedication; and valuing the conservation of knowledge as he does, he blessed the library with protective magics and named it his sanctuary.

Under this protection the sanctuary opens every 100 years if unlocked by the three keys. Rolborians may walk freely through the vaults absorbing the knowledge as the lord would wish. Others too are free to find sanctuary and study for a while. However to take out of the libraries, the Lord asks for some token to be left in exchange, so that the knowledge stored within never wanes.

Longstor Religion

A Proclamation from Defender Austin Campbell

A Proclamation from Defender Austin Campbell

18th Shoring 1008

Fellow Longstorians,

Recent events have reminded me of what I believe is a growing problem in this land, and in fact in the churches themselves. That problem is how people view sin and excommunication. I would say that most people seem to view excommunication, the way that I view being in sin, and view sin as little more than an inconvenience until they are able to find a priest to cleanse them. I fear that if this continues it will undermine the very essence of both Ithronian society and the churches of light, something I will not allow to happen.

I then thought about what I can do to try to fix the problem?

Firstly my position allows me certain other powers within ithron with which I try to fight such undermining of the churches, unfortunately it is hard to bring charges for peoples views on this matter.

Secondly I can do something which we can all do, set an example. By not sinning (and I have never sinned), and by not treating sin and excommunication lightly.

Thirdly because of my position in the church I believe I must try to ensure the problem does not set in in my own church. While I do not believe there is a significant problem within the Longstorian church, I intend to ensure it stays that way, and reinforce teaching on this subject.

It is to this end that I make the following request.

I ask that when setting a penance for sin, from now on that the sinner be allowed to serve that penance for a period of time before absolving them. The penance could also still continue after the absolution.

I suggest that if the sinner can afford it there may be a charge for this service (I am asking the undercouncil for permission for priests to keep a quarter of this as usual but for now, tithe the whole fee to the church). However this fee is supposed to be punitive to help the sinner reflect on the seriousness of the sin, and like penances should be proportional to the nature of the sin and the wealth of the sinner. It must be also agreed with the local elders. It also must not replace the proper penance as the primary form of penance. Should I discover a case of a priest effectively robbing fellow longstorians or refusing to absolve someone who cannot afford to pay, there will be trouble.

There are obviously exceptions, for example vampire bites which are not true sin should be cleansed immediately. Or for example if asked to cleanse a village’s priest who you would not be able to visit for some time, it would serve the greater good to absolve them early rather than late as it were, so that the village is not without it’s priest.

I am aware that for some of you this may mean no change, but for others I am asking you to allow sinners to reflect more on their sins, I hope that by doing so we will reinforce the severity of sin and excommunication.

I Also ask that I be informed of every absolution carried out; who the sinner is; what the nature of the transgression was; what penance was given, and the justification for this; if a fee was charged, what this was and again the justification; how much of the penance was served before the absolution was carried out, and again why; and anything else you want to add.

I’m sure there maybe some who think this sounds a little extreme, but I together we can make sure that these matters are not taken lightly within the church, and this can serve as an example to the rest of Ithron and the world.

In faith,

Father Austin Campbell
Defender of Faith

Longstor Religion

Feelings on Faith

Feelings on Faith

Longstor Religion

The Seven Sins of the Longstorian Church

The Seven Sins of the Longstorian Church

A sermon by Victoria Ferris, read at Bone Island.

Allowing Others to Wantonly Damage the Forest
Alright, so, Longstor understand the need for wood for homes and keeping families warm and things like that, but needless damage to the forests could have devastating effects on the landscape. As Longstorians it’s our job to protect the forests from being damaged, to preserve Longstor’s hard work.

Interfering With the Natural Order
The way the cycle works in a certain way, creatures all have their own systems and habits, all the plants wither and bloom again at certain times, the sun rises and falls… The cycle goes round and around perfectly, and if we interfere with it we risk changing the way things work, and it’s important we don’t try to fix what aint broken.

Wantonly Damaging the Forest
Lonstor asks, fairly, that we basically practice what we preach. We protect the forests so it’s obviously to be expected that we don’t needlessly damage them. The forests are beautiful gifts from the Green Lord and should be treasured not picked apart, warped, corrupted, ruined or burned.

Refusing to Aid other Followers of Longstor When Requested
Krygonite’s work against each other, selfishly trying to achieve their own means. Longstorians, on the other hand, prove there is strength in numbers, and we can achieve great deeds if we work together. You’ll often hear about Longstorians being like wolves. We’re encouraged to work together and help each other. We prove the strength of our church and our faith by acting as one.

Failing to Observe a Feast Day, Shrine, or Service of Longstor
The Seven do so much for us that it is a wonderful thing to be able to give thanks. Shrines and services are fantastic ways to learn more about our Lords and ladies, and Feast Days give us time to commit to celebrating their Glory. Longstor gave us a beautiful world, with every part of it unique, and it is only right that we give thanks.

Showing Negative Emotion Over Life and Death
Life and death are important parts of Longstor’s cycle and so he asks that we don’t show misery over them. We understand that death allows life to go on, and that each time a creature is born, another dies. With life, their will always be death. And anyway, mourning is pointless and achieves nothing, so we don’t do it.

Aiding or Being Resurrected
Longstorians know about the cycle, and we are not scared of moving into the next stage of it. Lord Longstor’s most dedicated followers promise to never help to delay somebody else’s transition into the next stage, and we will never be resurrected ourselves.

Longstor Religion

The Faith of Lord Longstor – An explanation by Victoria Ferris

The Faith of Lord Longstor – An explanation by Victoria Ferris

Longstorians… I have heard us called by many names. Feral, unfriendly, cold, antisocial and, my favourite, ‘weird.’ I suppose to an extent this is true of some of us, but it is also true many, many people who are not of our faith. I suppose our the warm way we greet life and death could make us… unpopular amongst people, but that is simply because they do not understand certain aspects of our faith, and that is what I hope to clarify here.

Lord Longstor, the God of Nature, the Hunt, and the Cycle. In many ways He works alongside the White Lady Vleybor and the Lord of the Dead, Kharach. As Vleybor brings life and Kharach brings death, Longstor watches over this and all that happens in between, keeping Arda balanced – where there is death, new life will bloom, and where there is life there has been death. Natural creatures, plants and beings fall under His domain, and He cherishes both their lives and their deaths for He knows that without both the Cycle would fail, and this must not be allowed to happen.

Therefore Longstorians attempt at all opportunities to keep the cycle in order, and prevent needless interference with the natural way of things. Though Longstorians will hunt for food, they do not hunt simply to harm natural creatures unnecessarily. Though Longstorians will understand the need for wood to build homes, keep families warm and such, wanton destruction of Longstor’s forests and lands is against His way. In this sense, consider the Rolborian belief – take what you need, but do not take needlessly, do not be greedy, for this is the way of darkness. Consider it the way I do – if you had worked for a long, long time to create something diverse, and beautiful, with every piece unique and every piece natural and wonderful in its own way, how would you feel if somebody came and picked bits of it apart? How would you feel if somebody set fire to a section of it, just to watch the flames?

Now consider how Longstor may take it, and why his followers respond the way we do.

All natural creations of Longstor are beautiful, though perhaps not in an obvious and striking way. The rose is beautiful, but personally I find its thorn has a beauty of its own. It is a protector, it is strong. The thorn is one of the reasons the rose has continued in the cycle. There is beauty in natural strength, in the abilities of natural creatures and how they operate, in plant life and forests and oceans… if you look for it, Longstor’s light has touched almost everything on Arda, and under His gaze and under the protection of His followers, all of this wonder will continue, like a perfect seem-less circle. The circle has no beginning, and no end… unlike the spiral.

If Lord Longstor preserves the cycle, the Mother of Monsters certainly has the correct symbol – a spiral. Consider the circle, perfectly equal, never ending. The spiral has a clear beginning, and a clear end. Kryganites do not create, they corrupt. They begin with something wonderful and natural, and try to ‘improve’ upon it. As Longstor’s natural creations are perfect as they are, they cannot be improved upon, and so the result is almost always a twisted, corrupt and selfish monster, which turns in on itself, becoming more corrupt inside until it either destroys itself or is destroyed by the followers of Light – the inside end of the spiral. It is a broken circle, a twisted version of the cycle, and though a circle could spin forever and stay the same, a spiral would inevitably have both a beginning and an end.

Corruption must be prevented at all costs, be it by cleansing that which is corrupted, talking down those who wish to make monstrosities, or moving the corruptors to the next stage of the cycle – it is important that something happens. Longstorian’s will often talk of ‘returning to the cycle’ when we die – which, if taken literally, would imply that whilst we live we are outside of the cycle. What Longstorians actually mean, and what I have always said, is ‘moving into the next stage of the cycle,’ and this proves how important expression and words are to our faith.

I hope this explains, at least a little, the Longstorian faith.