Alchemists are master craftsmen who specialise in the creation of magical potions and miraculous elixirs. They are trained by the Guild in the secret arts of brewing, distilling and bottling the latent magic held within their carefully harvested ingredients.

The resulting potions are capable of amazing feats, from healing the most grievous of wounds to deflecting the mightiest of spells or physical blows. Some Alchemists are even capable of brewing deadly poisons that can fell almost any beast with barely a drop of oil upon a blade.

Regardless of what they brew, a savvy Alchemist with a regular clientele of Adventurers to buy their wares is unlikely to ever find their coin purse empty.

Of all the Guilds, the Alchemists are one of the most protective of their secret arts. Those caught trying to replicate their wondrous concoctions without being one of their number will quickly find themselves in the hands of the law if they are lucky – or the Guild’s Protector if they are not.