Weapons and armour need to be forged by skilled hands, and the Guild of Blacksmiths is always ready to oblige. Without these skilled artisans, the Adventuring community would be without the vital tools and equipment necessary to defeat evil. In the field, Blacksmiths are the backbone of a militant adventuring party.

Providing repairs, weapon enhancements and wielding unique weapons of their own design, a Master Smith is always a welcome addition. When working at their forge, a Smith is capable of an astounding range of metal-craft. From creating custom suits of armour and reinforced shields to working mythic metals and intricate mechanical devices – as Master Blacksmith is an artisan beyond compare.

The Guild of Blacksmiths is closely allied with the Guilds of Mercenaries and Scouts, as well as the Knightly Orders. It is the Blacksmiths who provide the tools, consumables and facilities to enable these institutions to repair their equipment. In exchange for these facilities the Guilds and Orders endorse the Guild of Blacksmiths as the only source of quality craftsmanship.