Warriors and ministers to the faithful both, the Devoted of the Seven Gods are the physical defenders and spiritual champions of their chosen patron. The path of the Devotee is often taken by those Kindred who feel called to more closely serve their God, whether this is as a spiritual warrior or simply a dedicated member of the Church’s clergy.

Once accepted, the Devoted is granted a portion of their God’s power to use for the betterment of their faith. The types of Devoted are as varied as the winds. So long as they maintain their core religious obligations, they are often free to determine their own style of personal worship. Some dedicate themselves wholly to martial pursuits, taking advantage of the training and support provided by their Church. Others supplement their existing careers with the power provided by their patron. It is not uncommon to hear of Captain Mercenaries or Scout Rangers who can enchant their own weaponry and fortify themselves against evil with the blessings of a God.

The road to becoming a true Defender of the Faithful is a long and arduous one, but for those who stand against the darkness, one could not ask for a more stalwart ally than a Devoted of the Light.