Knightly Orders

Champions of all that is noble and righteous, Ithron is the land and true home of Knighthood.

Knights set themselves apart from common warriors by strict adherence to a code of conduct, and for the majority, holy vows to the Allfather. Honour, justice, truth, bravery and devotion are the words that Order Knights live by, and it is through them that they are able to accomplish extraordinary feats. Noble lineage is also a factor in most cases of Knighthood, with the values and traditions of the nobility forming the core identity of what it means to be a Knight.

Each of the Orders or traditions value different aspects of Knighthood or hold some in more regard than others. Though different, each have a great respect for one another and all will join forces without question in defence of the innocent against evil.

Griffin Knights :

The quintessential Knight in the eyes of the populace. Griffin Knights are drawn from Ithron’s most ancient noble lineages and devote themselves equally to Crowa, the Goddess of Battle and Sidhe the Allfather. Griffins value courage most highly and are famous for their ability to stand tall against the most fearsome of foes.

Black Knights :

Brooding, reserved and unshakably devoted to their cause, the Black Order are respected and feared in equal measure. Drawing their traditions equally from Ithron and Axir’s nobility, the Black Knights devote themselves to Kharach, the God of Death, as well as Sidhe. They wield special blades as unbreakable as their will, and feel no pain or need to sleep when duty calls them.

Grey Knights :

Romantics and ardent idealists, the Grey Order are the archetypal questing Knight. Grey Knights hold themselves to more strictures and codes of ethics than any other Order. They do this in pursuit of their ideal – becoming the Perfect Knight. With this strong adherence to ethos, alongside their faith in Sidhe, Grey Knights stand as shining examples of Knighthood.

Templar Knights :

Warriors, scholars, monks and crusaders; The Knights of the Temple are all this and more. Their Order was founded in the east to aid in defence of holy sites and guide crusaders in the worship of Sidhe. Templar Knights are drawn from all walks of life and are sworn to vows of service and poverty in the name of faith and virtue. For their dedication they are granted miraculous powers within their chosen disciplines; the Knights Marshal, Librarian and Hospitaller.

The Tradition of Feudal Knights :

Whereas the Knights of the Four Orders are all holy warriors, not all who wear the mantle of Knight are necessarily devoted to a God. Born of noble lineage and dedicated to preserving the honour and traditions of Ithron’s noble culture; Feudal Knights are sworn swords for their liege lord in times of strife. The strength of a Feudal Knight comes from the retinue of talented individuals they amass around them. Through training with them and being inspired by their examples, a Feudal Knight can stand as a symbol of proud Ithronian nobility.

The Rose Order

Though not ‘Knights’, the Rose Order are built upon a similar principle of faith, fraternity and unquestionable devotion to duty. Formed originally as a sisterhood of warrior women, the Rose Order now accepts all who would willingly devote themselves to a life of poverty, celibacy and martial excellence. Trained to a standard as high as any other and utterly devoted to the Goddess Crowa, the Roses are a living symbol of hope, purity and steadfast loyalty in a world of greed and corruption.