Law Guilds

Enforcers of the Law and Keepers of the Peace. Ithron’s Law Guilds are to whom the populace turn when they wish to see justice served. The Guards are the Guild’s civic protectors; dutifully patrolling their cities and townships on the trail of thieves and ne’er-do-wells. Foresters are the rural arm of the Guild; tirelessly hunting
bandits who prey upon the trade roads or chasing down outlaws who flee the scenes of their urban crimes.

The Law Guilds recruit heavily from adventuring warriors in the Mercenaries and Scouts who prove themselves to be capable and trustworthy. Both paths within the Guild offer opportunities for martial success, with their training closely paralleling the other military guilds.

Once inducted, an aspiring Lawman must be prepared to take potent and binding oaths of loyalty, to serve and protect the populace, and to enforce the law without succumbing to the temptation of bribery and corruption. Those few who have the courage and determination to use their strength for a greater cause, will find themselves amply rewarded and honoured for their service.