Masters of the mysterious arts, Ithron’s Guild of Mage’s are the custodians of the magical power ‘Soulfire’ upon its shores. The stated aim of the Mages’s Guild is to enable its members to unlock and enhance the mystical powers latent within themselves. It is also their duty to master and control this power, and to guard against its potential misuse by others.

All aspiring Mages require a master to sponsor their acceptance into the Guild, awaken their Soulfire and to take them on as an apprentice. During this period they are dependant upon their master’s knowledge and expertise, learning magic at their feet and performing whatever educational requirements they are assigned. If they pass muster and grasp the fundamentals of Ithronian magic, they will be permitted to petition the various Schoolmasters to specialise in and learn the advanced magical arts associated with them.

Thaumaturgists :

A School of Magic strongly associated with powerful enhancement rituals and mastering battle magic to use against their enemies.


Specialists in the empowerment and transmutation of objects and physical things. They are experts in the creation of wondrous magical artefacts.


Adept at walking the subtle line between life giving and death dealing magic. They are also masters of raising, controlling and destroying the Undead.


Existing in a moral grey area between service to the world and service to their own power. Demonologists are able to both summon and banish some of the most powerful creatures known to man.

When matters of the arcane are at hand, it is most useful to have cultivated a friendship or business alliance with a Master Mage to aid in its resolution.