If you need a dependable bodyguard to stand by your side; a tenacious duellist to rid you of some troublesome Foulspawn; or just a hired sword with a rusty blade and an intimidating glare; the Guild of Mercenaries can find the warrior for you in its roster.

The premier source of fighters, soldiers and other sorts of brawlers; The Guild of Mercenaries is the primary route towards a legitimate military career for the majority of the populace. Old Imperial laws prevent a standing army from being stationed on Ithron’s shores, so the Guild was formed to allow would be heroes to train their skills and aid in the defence of the realm.

The Guild provides its members a number of services, both as limited and career Mercenaries. The first and foremost is the legal right to bear arms and armour. This is useful to adventurers of all professions and means the Guild has a strong reserve of members filling its coffers. Those wishing to pursue a full time career in the Mercenaries are offered a large selection of training opportunities and support in repairing their damaged equipment. They can learn to cleave shields with mighty blows, don themselves in layers of protective armour and even inspire their fellows with rousing speeches.

Whether a person seeks to join the Guild as a steel clad juggernaut, a dexterous pikeman, a club wielding bruiser, or simply for convenience,
The Guild of Mercenaries’ doors are open to all.