Priests of Faith

Preachers and instruments for the Seven Gods of Light; Priests are conduits for their patron’s power and shepherds to their mortal flock. The role of a Priest is manifold, including duties of proselytising the virtues of their faith, guiding their Church’s Devoted and Kindred in their worship, and acting as the wrathful hand of their God against Heretics, Demons and the Undead.

Those who can sufficiently hold to the high expectations of their God, will find themselves greatly rewarded. Few can wield as much Mana as a Priest, nor can others command such a repertoire of divine miracles. Those perceived to be abominations in the eyes of the Gods have much to fear from a High Priest who holds divine favour in the palm of their hand.

There are some rare Priests who are also called to act in greater leadership roles. It is from amongst the High Priesthood that the Primates of each faith are chosen. These individuals show others the path that their Church is to take, speak with the authority of their God and may even be granted their patron’s own Holy Artefact to wield – a piece of the divine to shine a guiding light in the dark.