Explorers, Hunters, Survivalists and everything in between.
The Guild of Scouts exists to train and provide work for those individuals with a strong sense of self determination and a talent for endurance in the wilds.

The Guild of Scouts typically provides for a lightly armoured and a self sufficient membership. Scouts are often versatile individuals, able to adapt and make use of a variety of weapons. Skirmishers, archers and deadeye knife throwers regularly find a place amongst their number.

With old laws restricting mass arming of the peasantry, the Scouts are a favoured route for talented people to rise above their humble origins and join the ranks of the elite Rangers. These daring individuals strike out into the uncharted regions of the world; bringing back maps, vital intelligence and sometimes treasure.

The Guild provides its members a number of services, both as limited and career Scouts. The first and foremost is the legal right to bear arms and armour. This is useful to adventurers of all professions and means the Guild has a strong reserve of members filling its coffers. The Guild ensures that its training prepares career members to survive in their common role as reconnaissance agents for
adventuring parties. They learn to spot traps and hazards along the path, prepare specialist ammunition for their ranged weapons and even how to resist the effects of poison and disease.

When an adventurer has the confidence to venture into the unknown and can handle danger with steely determination, they should consider a career in the Guild of Scouts.