How to Join!

The Seven Easy Step Start Guide!

  • Step 1. Find your local branch!
  • Step 2. Get in contact with the listed Liasion Officer of that branch. The best way to do this is by emailing them! Don’t worry and don’t be shy, our LO’s are super friendly. Most importantly they’re your point of call and are there for you.
  • Step 3. What to ask! Here are some basic questions to send to LO’s that should help you get started. What dates do you run? When is your next event? What time should I be there? What are the directions to the car park? Can I get a lift from ___? What should I bring?
  • Step 4. The essentials! Before you arrive make sure you have plain, comfortable (and if it’s cold, warm!) dark clothing on. Avoid trainers! Wear a good pair of boots because it will be the equivalent of hiking, especially if your local branch is quite hilly and a belt will never go amiss. Good for keeping not only your kit together but your weapons on too. Blacks, Browns, Belts, Boots.
  • Step 5. Don’t forget your lunch! You will break halfway through to make sure everyone gets some much-needed energy back. Bring a lunch and make sure you are hydrated for the day. Water is vital!
  • Step 6. Your LO and your branch will assist you in creating your character and loaning kit and weapons for the day. The best thing to do is get involved! We’re not shy when we’re in character, don’t worry about getting immersed!
  • Step 7. Once you have played your two free events, your LO will speak to you about membership. It is £20 for the year which also allows you to vote, attend the fests, and support the society. If you decide it’s not for you, that’s absolutely fine! We are always here if you change your mind.