Our World

The Game World

With over thirty years of adventure, campaigns and world building; Fools and Heroes is a vibrant living fantasy world. Each month new stories are told across the country, each adding to a rich tapestry of collaborative story telling.

The main setting where your adventures will take place is a country called Ithron – modelled loosely on a medieval fantasy of the British Isles. It is a wild land filled with many strange and wondrous things, including wizards, orcs and dragons!.

Each Branch has its own geographical area in which they tell their stories and dictate what happens over time. As you create your Hero and take part in their adventures, you will have the chance to influence and be a part of the world’s history.

There is also the National Campaign. This is a larger story told by a group of elected volunteers, headed by the Campaign Coordinator. They are responsible for writing the epic narratives that weave their way across all branches and usually reach their climax at the society’s showcase event – Summerfest.

Of course, there are lots of different places besides Ithron. Using the real world as an analogue and more besides, a great amount of detail has been added to flesh out the larger game world. Many other countries exist and have been visited as part of the on-going campaign. There are even other planes of existence which house the divine realms of the Gods and the dark abodes of demons!

The most important thing however, is that you take part and find your story within this collaboratively crafted world of imagination.