An ancient people in both culture and populace, Elves claim to be one of the oldest races in the world, with a history stretching back into the mists of antiquity.

While their race certainly seems to be functionally immortal outside of accident or injury, they are also incredibly protective of their racial secrets, with elders sharing precious little with younger society members (Player Characters) and almost nothing with outsiders. Elven culture typically values and promotes the virtues of prudence and dedication above all others.

A slow, methodical and balanced approach to problem solving is seen as far preferable to rash or impulsive action. It is because of this attitude, reflected in the vast difference in lifespans, that friction occurs between Elves and their younger, less experienced racial counterparts.

Expertise in magic, martial prowess and theology (with Longstor being favoured) are lauded in Elven culture. Their secluded enclaves are traditionally isolated woodland places wherein the people can spend their many centuries of life practising and perfecting their chosen disciplines.

The ‘ancient’ wars of human kind are still fresh in the Elven people’s memory and most have not been kind to their population. For this and many other reasons, they are slow to act against what they perceive as temporary threats or problems that would require them to abandon the long held guardianship of their homelands.

The costume requirement for an Elf is a pair of prop pointed ears.