Half Elves

Caught between two worlds, the children of Human and Elven pairings are often at odds with their place in society. The character of any given Half Elf depends largely upon his or her upbringing, and whether they were chiefly raised in Human or Elven company.

Half-Elves are not harshly discriminated against in Human or Elven society, but neither are they ever entirely at ease. When they live among Elves, their pure-blooded relations rarely treat them unkindly, but often keep them at arms length. They feel the weight of their kin’s eventual mortality strongly and hold back from forming lasting relationships with them.

Amongst Humans, they mix freely in society, finding their own way as others do, but their longevity (with many retaining vitality long past a century) is something of an obstacle to forming lasting attachments. This and their ability to often pass for Human without notice, has created a prejudice within the Guilds, with many barring them from membership.

Despite these limitations, there is opportunity for those of mixed heritage to rise high in society. There is a particular tradition amongst the nobility of taking Elven paramours, given their allure and unfading beauty. The children of such unions, while sometimes ‘born on the wrong side of the bedsheets’, are often able to find sponsorship in the Grey Order or as a Feudal Esquire.

There is no special costume requirement for a Half Elf but you may choose to wear pointed ears if you wish.