The character of the Human race is immeasurably varied and diverse, with few distinct traits applying equally to all. They are by far the most numerous of all the races in the known world, and can be found everywhere, living in all lands and climes.

They pursue every imaginable occupation; Human stubbornness is such that they will not allow themselves to be barred from any place or profession, no matter how they must bend to adapt themselves to it.

Most of the civilised nations in the western world are founded by Humans, with the elder races often restricted in their territory or sometimes outright persecuted. This treatment has been the cause of racial tensions in the past, with disputes over land, resources or knowledge breaking out into minor or even major conflicts.

With their superior numbers and determination however, Humans have emerged as one of the dominant, if culturally divided, powers in the world.

There is no special costume requirement for playing a Human character.