Welcome curious traveller

Fools and Heroes (F&H), is a UK based Live Action Role-play (LARP) Society.

We create and run games featuring roleplay, combat and heroic adventure on a weekend event basis. We also run multiple larger scale events throughout the year, including banquets, special invitational, branch festival.

F&H has a unique world setting of high fantasy, magic, monsters and mystery. Your character can be a member of the many Guilds, Churches or Orders of Knighthood, giving you a wide variety of playable options. There are also many traditional fantasy races to choose from as the basis for your character.

Fools and Heroes events are run every single weekend across the UK. With 21 branches, you are bound to be able to find an event close to you.

Explore the website and forum to find out all you need to know to begin your adventure!