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Who are we?

Fools and Heroes National Live Role-playing Society is an unincorporated association based in the UK. We are governed by our constitution, this is available for all members to see and can be provided by your Liaison Officer prior to joining. 

Contact Us

In the first instance, or in the event of an in-game issue, we request that you contact your branch Liaison Officer. The contact details for each branch Liaison Officer are listed on the appropriate branch page. Should your enquiry be about the society Facebook or forum services, then please contact the Web Coordinator directly.

Enquiries and Complaints

Any enquiries relating to in-game issues should be raised with your branch Liaison Officer.

If your enquiry or complaint is specifically about your Liaison Officer, or you feel your Liaison Officer would not be able to deal with the matter impartially, it should instead be sent directly to the Secretary.

If you are not satisfied with the response received, or you feel your Liaison Officer has not treated your matter seriously, you can escalate the matter to the Secretary.

In the event you do not feel you can send the matter through either your Liaison Officer or the Secretary, you should write directly to the President.